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Yes, Liber AL doesn't cover 'True Will,' but it talks about 'Pure Will' and this is the Spirit coming through one's being to produce the 'True Will.'

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Thank you for your comments. I agree with you that pure will, as it is named in Liber AL, is certainly the medium by which we may pursue the true will.

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I think this is a most exciting avenue that more Thelemites need to explore, and I hope you and others will take some time to explore this. Liber AL takes on a par with the Upanishads in that both attack the phenomenology of consciousness at a deeper level than the personality (True Will). There is nothing in the Western Mystery Tradition that does this besides Liber AL, and we really need to see writings on this from the perspective of those among us who write and think. In this way, our Magick grows.

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I cover this same topic from a different perspective in my blog article at https://pauljosephrovelli.blogspot.com/2021/07/true-will-vs-k-of-hga.html

I applaud your effort and hope you'll continue writing and writing. It's the first Magic, and as I've discovered, the one True Magick, as the True Will involves one making one's mark on the world.

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